How to Collect Single Click Customer Feedback


If you’ve landed on this blog post, there’s a chance that you’re looking for a way to collect single click customer feedback, simply and quickly. Luckily for you, we’ve built a platform:, just for that.

As a pre-face to this, I should mention that Clicksy is our own platform, we’ve developed it for specific use-cases, but have added some extra functionality in order to make it more useful for you too!

So, let’s get started.

What is Clicksy?

Clicksy is a powerful platform that’s built to collect feedback on single questions. It’s not a survey builder, it’s a much simpler tool that you can use to collect responses to simple questions, and ask for expansion in some cases.

What can I use Clicksy for?

So, let’s dive in to a couple of real-world examples, as I feel that’s the best way to showcase how Clicksy works.

Generate a guestlist for an event.

Let’s say you own a physical, land-based clothes store, and you’re doing a VIP event and want an idea of how many people want to attend your event. You could use something like EventBrite. So, sign up to Eventbrite, set up an event, and invite all of your contacts to the event through Eventbrite’s email system. Then your customers get an email, click through to Eventbrite, sign up for an account and let you know that they’re attending.

A bit laborious, for everyone concerned, right?

With Clicksy, you could sign up for an account, build your feedback form, add a snippet of code to an existing marketing email template you already have, send the email and users can click a response (yes, or no) within the email. You’ll then get that response in Clicksy, with their name and email address, building your list of attendees in a much faster, simpler way. Your users don’t have to sign up to respond, it’s seamless and simple.

Let’s expand on this a little. Let’s say your event is serving some food and you’d like to know if anyone has any dietary requirements. Simply set your landing page to have a comment box and when users click a response, they’ll be presented with a text box they can add additional information to. Simple!

Collect ‘airport style’ feedback.

Let’s stay along the same lines as the previous example, the store you own is run by a new staff member, and you want to gain some insight into how your customers feel when they leave the store.

Vapourcore Airport Style Feedback System

If you’re a little more experienced with the web, you can use the same snippet of code to generate a static page collecting feedback on customer experience on a tablet at the stores exit point. Switch out the text labels for some images of smiley and sad faces, and you’ve got yourself a great system of collecting customer feedback at the exit point of your store.

Collect insights for new product releases.

Again, we’ll stay along the same lines with this example. If you have a physical store, it’s likely that you’re also selling those products online. If you aren’t you probably should be!

In this example, we’ll explore an opportunity for product development. You have a dress that’s selling extremely well online and it comes in 2 colours, black and white. That’s not much variation in the fashion world, right? Maybe a red dress would sell like hot cakes?

To collect insights on this, you could set up a campaign saying you’re thinking of offering the dress in another colour, which one would your users like to see?

Clicksy on

You could add a snippet of code that Clicks generates to this page and collect customer feedback, to help ascertain the potential popularity of this new product development.

What we’ve built here is a really simple platform that as endless possibilities. It’s quicker to gain small snippets of feedback than it is to ask your users to fill in long, laborious surveys. Over time, you can build a greater knowledge of your customer base and make decisions based on valuable metrics, not guesswork.

Clicksy is completely free to try, but is a ‘freemium’ product – meaning that if you want to collect hundreds or thousands of responses, you’ll need to sign up to one of our very fairly priced tiers.