New Creative Space for Creator


As a design studio, we feel design shouldn’t just stop with the client, but start at the roots. That’s why we took the decision to move out of our modern, serviced office and into a new/extremely old building. Here’s why!

In the back-end of 2018 we made the decision to move offices. Four grown men, working out of each other’s pockets in a small serviced office in the middle of a busy industrial estate wasn’t ideal at the best at times. We moved from what was a square room in a business block with two small windows, and not a particular exciting view of a factory that penetrated our ears on a daily basis with a industrial sounds like a mating Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We also had no control over what we could and couldn’t do within the space – pins in the walls were a taboo, and a colour change certainly wasn’t on the cards. The shackles were truly on, and our hands tied by the powers that be.

As a design agency I don’t feel you can have a team working in area that isn’t creative, is whitewashed walls with foam ceiling tiles and square florescent lighting – it provides no inspiration. It was time for a change and when Ryan proposed moving, we were all ready for some new scenery.

On The Move

When the opportunity arose to move into a recently converted coach house from the previous decade that not only was stunning too look at, but was an interesting space, with a set of similarly creative neighbours – we jumped at the chance of securing it!

Moving offices into a more creative space, that has character, space to swing a cat in and most importantly, an amazing pub next door gave us all that ultimate Hygge feeling when we laid eyes on it.

We’ve now been in our new home for 2 months and every day we fall in love with our surroundings, applying our own little stamp on the building with our Scandinavian furnishings and interiors, which work exceptional well with our low wooden beams (which you’ll often see Ryan holding his head after an encounter with) and exposed brickwork. We applied some amazing Jon Burgerman illustrated wallpaper to the very few magnolia walls in the space, and it’s truly starting to feel like home.

Our area now gives off a warm and glowing aroma without being overly rustic, the perfect balance between modern and old. Not forgetting our coveted collection of MailChimp Freddie Vinyl Toys, which sit perfectly within the space, along the low beams awaiting their weekly photo on our company Instagram page – #freddiefriday

Space = Creativity

Rather than serving as just one function such as a design space, we wanted to create an open-plan, flexible space that could accommodate a variety of activities, furthering the practicality of our design. We now have a space that we can gloat about, were we can invite clients to come and chat with us without bearing down on them, a space that reflects us here at Creator and not feel embarrassed to share with them. A break out area with an amazingly comfortable sofa, a coffee machine that’s in use 80% of the day, thanks to Addison’s mild coffee addiction and an outside area for summer BBQ’s – the new office space is set in the perfect surroundings for creatives, alongside an old railway line, for the perfect head clearing walks.

We choose to come to work not just for an income but because it’s an industry we feel passionate about. We strive to give our clients our best possible work, so why not work in an area we think is best for us too? An area that not only looks and feels right, but a space to be proud of, a place we can call our home from home.

Creating such a space that helps you retreat from everyday stress, it’s no surprise that our Scandinavian modern style is dominating our interior design. By focusing on quality over quantity and clean, clutter-free spaces, the philosophy behind this look helps create calm, focused spaces that provide relief from the always-on realities of a modern work-day life.

That’s why we all feel that if you work in a building that’s right it will enhance your creative mojo and create a great morale and productivity within the team.