The Shoemakers Children Go Barefoot


Image for The Shoemakers Children Go Barefoot

For quite some time, our website has not been a true reflection of our agency. It was neglected, reminiscent of a forgotten toy—unattended and outdated. Today, we're changing that narrative with the launch of our new site. This isn't just a superficial makeover; it's a significant step forward and a playground that will allow us to test, learn and iterate on our own window to the world.

Our dedication to supporting our clients often came at the expense of our own digital storefront. As an agency celebrated for crafting exceptional websites, it's crucial that we demonstrate our capabilities more effectively.

The saying, "The shoemaker's children go barefoot," has resonated with me for years. I used to dismiss the need for updating our website, rationalising that it wasn't a significant source of leads since most of our business came through referrals. Consequently, we found ourselves scrambling to update PDF portfolios for prospective clients, as our website lacked current showcases of our work.

We're excited to focus more on our external presence by launching a newsletter that offers a glimpse into our internal discussions. Expect to receive insights ranging from comprehensive UX analyses to thorough breakdowns of ad creatives, content that we've historically reserved for internal dialogues but now aim to share with a broader audience.

Looking forward to sharing more of our excellent work, client wins and our industry insights and I'll sign off this post how I have signed off every email I've sent in the last 10 years...