Charles Harries

Clicker of keys and local web-oriented wizard. Charles joined Creator in 2017 via an admittedly roundabout route. A degree in literature and a penchant for writing long essays about late-18th century English poetry brought him to Japan (somehow), where he taught English as a second language to little kids, and computer science to himself. A couple of years administrating WordPress and another year modelling data with Ruby on Rails plonked him on Creator's doorstep, where he promptly got to work tackling the complexities of API integrations and full-stack Javascript. When he's not playing with code at Creator HQ, you'll find him thinking about playing with code in the hills of the Lake District or Scotland. Or sleeping.

Registered address: Castle Eden Studios, Stockton Road, Castle Eden, TS27 4SD, United Kingdom. Incorporated in England and Wales as a private limited company Registered number 10035216

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